A massive pipeup near Montreal Injury has killed dozens and two others

A massive pipeup near Montreal Injury has killed dozens and two others

Authorities say two people were killed and more than two dozen injured Wednesday in a pileup involving more than 5 cars on a highway south of Montreal that authorities said could be due to snow, wind and a sudden whiteout.

The accident took place around 12:30 pm. Police said the pileup was more than half a mile long, in the southbound lane of Highway 15 in Quebec, where the road runs along the St. Lawrence River.

Video from the scene As of Wednesday afternoon, cars, trucks, and buses had been crushed or totaled, some of which were covered in snow, while emergency responders worked to find and rescue people still trapped on the highway.

Sergeant. Quebec provincial police spokeswoman Mary-Michelle Moore said in an interview Thursday that the pilot involved about 5 vehicles, with about half of them damaged. He added that besides the two people killed, at least 20 were injured and taken to hospital, one of whom was in critical condition. He added that this person’s life was not in danger.

A. A. Press conference On Wednesday, Quebec’s transport minister, Fran বোois Bonardale, said it was likely because of the wind flowing from the banks of the Pilip River that it had snowed and whitened out.

He added that the part of the highway that caused the accident was not particularly dangerous and that two hours before the accident, two snowflakes were started.

Sergeant Moore said there may be a cause for the sudden appearance of less than a whiteout, but the accident is under investigation. “We always ask drivers to adjust their driving to their neighborhood,” he said. “Keep in mind that situations can change really quickly on the road.”

By Thursday morning, the highway had reopened on both sides.

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