A Twist in California’s Homeless Crisis: Elimination by Deportation

A Twist in California's Homeless Crisis: Elimination by Deportation

SAN FRANCISCO – After a two-month lease, the family knocked on the door. After several months, the evacuation comes with the possibility of being displaced.

Little did they know, however, that the man who handled the eviction documents was John Habbring, a homeless man.

“Believe me, we are seeing the irony,” said Mr Hebring, whose job it is to provide eviction notices with his girlfriend, Kim Hansen. Together they live in a 50-year-old trailer infected by rats

The couple’s woes give a measure of how far the California homelessness crisis has spread. The abolitionists are working to overthrow.

It is not their job to change people’s locks or physically remove them from their homes – this is the sheriff’s domain – but several times a week, Mr. Habbring and Mrs. Hansen leave crowded, garbage-free, homeless camps in Oakland where they live and travel to the cities surrounding the Gulf: Among them are Newark, Millbrae, Fremont, Daly City, East Palo Alto and Hayward.

These are largely public transportation, including a stack of documents. In some cases, they may post notices at the door. In others they need to be placed directly in the hands of the recipients

“I sympathize with their condition because I know what I mean,” said Mrs. Hansen, who had a rain and winter night outside her trailer. “Look at us. I’m sick and homeless here.

Mrs Hansen says that despite the couple’s misconception about giving notice of the eviction, their options are limited.

“You don’t want to be someone who provides bad news but right now it’s our only source of income,” he said.

They’ve made about $ 1,600 since they started working in September, only to pay enough for food, and if they have money left over, they have gas for the spotty generator.

Homelessness reaches record levels in California; The governor declared a state of emergency in this issue and is raising a shutter hospital and arena to shelter more than one million homeless people, two-thirds of whom live on the street.

The trailer for Mrs Hansen and Mr Hebbring is in one The Homeless Camp Authority, adopted by the New York Times in December, is in the process of destroying one of hundreds of camps across Oakland.

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