Analysis Assesses Blockchain Program By US Administration

The analysis group Data Foundation and IT company Booz Allen Hamilton have printed a record with five suggested questions to steer the US federal government on where and how to put in force blockchain projects.

Their analysis was revealed within the report “Bringing Blockchain into Government: A Trail Ahead for Growing Effective Federal Blockchain Projects” on June 10.

Consistent with the report, blockchain solutions take advantage of sense while applied to a couple of type of process with a predetermined level of consistency and a low level of agility, assuming that the immutable ledger provided via blockchain is valid for the duty in the first position.

In arising with these standards, the companies checked out seven circumstances of blockchain projects on the federal level that they considered a hit.

The file stated a couple of blockchain-based tasks throughout various businesses including FDA, the Division of Health and Human Services, the Division of Treasury and the Division of Defense, amongst others.

The document notes that the programs are in varying degrees of success and construction. The researchers conclude that “Whether blockchain will ultimately turn out achievement in government is yet to be discovered. However, for now, applying blockchain for presidency programs and operations must be a welcome development when possible.”

As in the past reported, the FDA launched a pilot application the use of blockchain tech as a supply chain tracker for prescribed drugs in February. The Pilot Project Application Under the Drug Supply Chain Safety Act is, in particular, concerned about monitoring medications and preventing pharma counterfeiting.