Bloomberg once linked to the end of redlining, a base housing practice, rises from 25 crises

Bloomberg once linked to the end of redlining, a base housing practice, rises from 25 crises

“I’m not against him,” said Samuel Washington, a Samuel।, who attended a Bloomberg rally in Chattanooga, Tenn. On Wednesday. “The whole incident of murder took place at that time and he apologized for it. A real man needs forgiveness ”

Criticisms of Mr. Bloomberg’s comments about housing point to something that has been at the center of his long tenure as mayor of New York. During his three terms, Mr. Bloomberg oversaw extensive renovations as well. To widen inequality, Led his successor Bill de Blasio to paint New York as “the story of two cities.”

More broadly, affordable housing advocates agreed that predatory lending practices, not the end of the redline, were responsible for the economic crisis of the 20’s, though Mr Bloomberg’s comments echoed popular conservative talking points at the time, with experts pointing out that most problematic subprime loans. Those who went close already bud O ira to pay the owners of the loans in time, in addition to new home buyers are not accepted.

Pinning the crisis at the end of the rewrite was a “very inaccurate description” that “misled the dynamics of what really happened,” said Daby Goldberg, vice president of housing policy for a nonprofit group at the National Fair Housing Alliance.

“I expect someone who has put a finger on the vibrancy of what’s happening in New York and the city and other neighborhoods should have done a more sophisticated analysis at that time.” “And now it is clear that it has completely missed the mark of what is really going on.”

Jesse Van Toole, chief executive of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, a non-profit advocacy group, called Mr Bloomberg’s comments “then problematic and now problematic.”

“Wall Street is a suggestion that low-income people have a crisis over what they can afford. Pure and simple, the Wall Street crisis is the cause, so it’s the defense, “said Mr Van Toole.

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