Brave Browser Adds New Crypto Wallets On Its Forum

Numerous wallet options are on their way to the Brave browser.

Support for local cryptocurrency wallets was added to Brave Nightly per a posting yesterday within the official Brave subreddit, r/BATProject. Brave Nightly is a test and development model of the Brave browser. Brave’s tri-part marketing system rewards content creators, advertisers, and viewers through its token.

The update allows different cryptocurrency wallets, particularly MetaMask, for use with Brave’s BAT. All transactions first know your buyer (KYC) necessities via Uphold, a wallet Brave partnered with for BAT.

Lack of assist for different ethereum wallets like MetaMask or MyEtherWallet has been a common complaint on Brave neighborhood threads since the token’s launch. This bottleneck was self-designed, however. Brave wished the cryptocurrency’s use-case, content creation tipping, to take-off. More importantly, maybe, are the KYC services Uphold gives.

Brave co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich mentioned KYC concerns stay a top priority due to regulatory issues – “We have no illusions that raw crypto isn’t for most users — it’s unusable and approach too technical. We do need the users who’re ready to use it to have integrated crypto wallets in Brave. These customers innovate and should collaborate with us, websites and channels, hardware wallet vendors, proxied full-node services, and even their favorite blockchains at core protocol and implementation ranges, to innovate past what we alone, or the blockchain projects alone, can do. We like ‘lead users’ and provide extra options for them.”

The wallet update comes days after untargeted advertisements had been added on Brave Nightly for 21 new countries together with Argentina, Denmark, Italy, Korea, and Singapore.