Coronavirus Live Update: First death reported outside France in Asia

Coronavirus Live Update: First death reported outside France in Asia

France’s Health Minister Agnes Buzin said Saturday that a 3-year-old Chinese tourist died of coronavirus at a Paris hospital on Friday.

Mrs Buzin said the man, who was from Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak, arrived in France on January 16 and was hospitalized at Bichat-Clod Barnard Hospital from January 25.

“His condition deteriorated very quickly and his condition was critical for several days,” Mr Buzin said in a television statement.

He did not name the patient. The man also has a coronavirus and was hospitalized in Paris, saying he should be discharged soon.

The deceased and his daughter were among six confirmed cases in France, including five British nationals on a ski chalet in the French Alps.

Out of the mainland China, the fourth outbreak of the virus, where about 5 people have died, most of them in Hubei province. The Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan each reported one death.

The new number arrives a few hours later Beijing has announced new restrictions on people returning to the capital from elsewhere in the country.

Most of the new cases and deaths have been reported in Hubei province, the epicenter of the epidemic.

In all, more than 66 66,000 people worldwide have been infected and at least 1,523 have died. Except for most cases and a few deaths, the mainland was in China, and the epidemic was the highest concentration in Huawei.

That number jumped sharply on Thursday after authorities changed diagnostic criteria for a new case count. The government now considers cases determined in clinical settings, including the use of CT scans, and only confirms cases with specialized test kits.

In an interview to Reuters news agency on Friday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced that the outbreak was “above all, under control.”

“We have taken the most accurate, most rigorous and decisive action,” he said, rejecting the widespread criticism that authorities had suppressed warnings and restricted important information in the first days of the outbreak.

The minister also told Reuters that some of the travel bans imposed on Chinese citizens by other countries were an overreaction and possibly made easier.

“I’m sure this is reflected in those countries as the situation evolves,” he added, “because at the end of the day, these countries need to communicate with China.”

The virus has caused quarantine of more than 3 million people in China and travel and visa bans in more than 70০ countries. In addition to the massive closure of stores and malls in China, it has plagued the global luxury goods sector, which has long relied on the expense of foreign and foreign Chinese buyers.

Investment bank Jefferies estimates that Chinese shoppers spent 5 percent of the 20 billion euros spent on luxury goods worldwide last year, or 5 percent on sales growth last year, making them the fastest growing demographic in the world.

The latest season of Fashion Week is going well – and Several runway shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris canceled – some of the biggest names in the industry are publicly counting down the costs of the Coron virus-related disruption.

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