Crypto Wallet Samourai removes several security features in light of pressure from Google Play Store

The users would be exposed to a number of attacks because of this change of various kinds.

As per the latest reports, Crypto Wallet app Samourai has announced that Google Play Store has forced their hand in removing a number of their effective security features from their app available at the store in question. The three main security features, which the Crypto Wallet App has named Stealth Mode, SMS Commands and SIM Switch Defense, are all said to be removed collectively because it directly contradicted with the Play Store’s constantly changing policies. Conversely, these features are effectively featured elsewhere too, either in native app forms, or I some other features in other apps as effective features just like for Samourai. This directly contradicts the measure that the Store aims at creating a “Walled Garden” model, but it effectively exposes users to the possibility of attacks from outside by all measures.

The representatives claimed in a separate blog post that this fact has been point out months before, and they asked the Play Store for the exemption given that their entire model would take a hit as a result. The users would be exposed to a number of attacks because of this change of various kinds. Switch Mode allowed users to receive an alert immediately if any hacker would implement a SIM Switch attack consequently, which could otherwise be quite damaging all the same. Similarly, the Stealth Mode allowed the app’s users to hide the crypto wallet app from their home screen and the phone’s launcher, which are historically most susceptible to attacks of any possible kind.

Remote SMS feature also allowed users to undertake essential anti-theft measures in order to ensure that their loaded wallets are effectively protected in case of a theft or loss of a phone. However, almost all of these features are being rejected by the Google Play Store are also being featured in other apps as well. This has raised several questions, and in the future, can result in some severe accusations. Recently, the App’s representatives have assured that all features will be present alongside the app itself at the F-Droid App Store, but there is more information that has yet to be released in regards to this.