‘Deck All Hands On Deck’: Coronavirus Holds Troops To Thousands Of Americans

'Deck All Hands On Deck': Coronavirus Holds Troops To Thousands Of Americans

Holly Rowen returned to Florida on Wednesday night after a long voyage to the Westerdam cruise ship, which was barred from entering ports across Asia, in fear of the Coronavirus. Moments later, he discovered he had joined the cast of thousands of people, who were carefully tracking local health officials in the United States.

As she touched Mrs. Rouen’s plane from abroad, a message was already waiting on her phone to a nurse at a local public health department in Florida County. If she has a fever or cough within the next 14 days, she should report it immediately, the nurse explained when Mrs. Rowan called.

“I was overwhelmed,” said Mrs. Rowne, who is a retired public health nurse from the same health department in Lee County. “We are truly in unfamiliar waters.”

Preventing the spread of infectious diseases is the essence of public health work, but the magnitude of efforts by state and local health offices across the country to infect the virus, known as COVID-1, has rarely been seen. Since early February, thousands of people who have returned to the United States from mainland China to the epicenter of the quake have been asked to isolate themselves at home for 14 days.

Local health authorities check in daily via email, phone or text. They provide testing for people who come with symptoms and, in some cases, grocery and detached housing. There is no central similarity between people being asked to be monitored or isolated in the United States, and they are spread across about 5,9 local health departments across the country.

People from mainland China are added daily, and those who have completed the 14-day “self-conformity” deadline are exempt from supervision. In California alone, the Department of Public Health is tracking more than 7০০ travelers returning from China, while health officials in Washington State track nearly 3 and Illinois officials track more than 200.

Health officials say the nationwide gathering is causing financial loss. The cost of the local health department is unknown, but some experts say it has reached a few million billions. Even as the first With 34 confirmed coronavirus patients recovering in the United States in recent days, health officials say they are preparing for the fears they may have. Globally, the virus, which is known to be highly infectious, has infected 75,000 people and killed more than 2,000 people.

“All hands are on the deck,” said the chief medical officer of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers, a nonprofit organization representing public health organizations across the country. Said Marcus Plessia. “If it really flies, it can overwhelm the state and local health departments at one point. ”

To date, officials say control efforts in this country have been largely disciplined. The only known transmission of the virus in the United States involves people from the same family. But no matter how effective health workers are in monitoring their charges, “there will always be some leaks,” said Dr. John Wiseman, Washington state health editor.

“There is no way this big can be done, you can make it seal-proof,” said Dr. Wiseman, who started a two-week weekly conference calling on chief health officials in each state and territory to seek and seek suggestions from the coronavirus response. Advice on how to handle changing challenges Although it is not possible to carry out the full consent, Dr. uisamyana said, “We have to try 80 to 85 per cent, and I hope it will be effective. ”

Federal authorities are in charge of setting guidelines for managing hazards, such as deciding how much risk an expatriate traveler takes and who should check for coronavirus, but day-to-day tasks have effectively established those policies and are looking for thousands of local health departments across the country with large, decentralized. Netwa Travelers from Rake to Federal Customs officials are provided with information on state health agencies, which list people returning from China to local health departments.

In the Chicago area, public health officials are using an electronic monitoring system designed to track the ham to monitor more than 200 travelers every day, and they receive a link asking for their temperature and symptoms.

Expenses related to the virus transmission to Chicago’s public health department alone reached more than $ 5 per week, the commissioner said. Allison further stated. Among the expenditures: 17 17,000 for the convenience of separation in unknown places for such persons not to be separated. So far fewer than five people have used it, he said.

“If you are giving them a quotament under a legal order, you have to think about food, drugs, their communication needs and their mental health,” he said.

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