Egyptian court acquires illegal share trading of Mubarak’s sons

Egyptian court acquires illegal share trading of Mubarak's sons

Cairo – The two sons of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak were relieved four years before the coup on Saturday for selling illicit shares during a bank sale that ended their father’s five-year dictatorship.

Ala and Gamal Mubarak brothers and seven other brothers have been accused of illegally profiting from the sale process Kuwait National Bank in 2007 Al-Watani’s Bank in Egypt.

Both men, who denied wrongdoing, attended a Cairo Criminal Court session Saturday, which was held at the Police Academy for security reasons, and heard the verdict dismissing all defendants. The state party has the right to appeal.

The two men, who were arrested after a popular uprising on corruption charges, were sentenced to three years in prison with their father in 20 years. They were sentenced to four years in separate cases in 20 cases For a self-contained project These include withdrawing public funds and using the money to upgrade family properties.

The brothers were released after a verdict of 25However, because they kept the case pending, they were released one day after the fourth anniversary of the spent uprising, which put them at the top of power.

Both sons expressed great resentment over the wealth they had gained through family connections. Along with a group of Mubarak cronies in business and governance, they came to symbolize self-dealing and corruption that were characteristic of their father’s three decades in power.

Gamal Mubarak, especially in the last years of Mr Mubarak’s reign, was more widely abused than his father.

Their father was released in 2017 After the order charge is cleared Killing agitators during the uprising.

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