Encirca Is Launching an Ethereum Naming Service (ENS)

An internet domain registrar EnCirca is launching an ethereum naming service (ENS) to offer domain names at .eth locations. The firm is within the pre-registration phase and will settle for area applications until August 10.

Just like the domain name system (DNS) presently in play on the internet, ENS will link to alphanumeric ethereum addresses by “human-readable” names, in response to a statement. These domains appear as if current URLs, are searchable on any web browser, and will link to ethereum web pages that exist either on or off the blockchain.

This extra layer of web identity will enable individuals to affiliate their manufacturers, corporations, or individuals with ethereum accounts.

The announcement additionally acts as a name to action for pre-existing manufacturers to stake’ they declare earlier than domain-name squatters take valuable internet real-estate like apple.eth or ibm.eth.

The corporate writes in a statement: Blockchain domains aren’t regulated like .com or .org domains. The implication that Encirca needs to convey is that model owners ought to act defensively to guard their trademarks in the .eth top-level domain.

The agency mentioned that short names, between 3 and 6 characters, shall be reserved for manufacturers that may present the most extended steady use of a particular URL on a pre-present area like .com or .org. Whereas addresses are beginning at 7 characters or extra might be auctioned off.

The company didn’t reply to a request for comment.

Encirca is a participant within the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a non-profit that coordinates domain name listings, and has received a SOC-2 ranking for privacy and security requirements.