Five stages of reduction of earrings

Five stages of reduction of earrings

Ms. Sea created, with stained glass artist Sharon Campbell, Lost earrings, A light-up artwork of eight feet tall. It includes more than 3,000 single earrings that people send after the project is publicized, often with letters explaining why they value jewelry so much.

“They were a universal story of love, loss and grown up,” said Ms. Sagar.

When my earrings went missing, we did what many of us did: I went a little crazy. I crawled under the office desk; Shoulder to shoulder to shoulder; Bathroom search; Check the security of the office. I’ve raided my house, though I don’t think it’s there and the people in my gym are badgers. If I thought it might help, I would stay Hire a metal detector.

But days passed, then a few weeks passed and my earring never appeared again. Instead, I turned to the Internet and found a list for jewelers making facsimiles. For example, Quick Jewelry Repair, In New York City, ships all over the country, even abroad. The company replicates several hundred earrings a year using computer modeling, with prices typically starting at $ 200. Not astronomical, but as I have lamented, I cannot justify spending more than an earring for the originals.

So what can What do I do with lonely survival? Return to the Internet, where I discovered a wonderful range of Martha Stewart-esque Ideas for reconstructing earrings (Bookmark! Shoe Brochures!) With ideas for it Mixing and matching overovers Or got extra holes. Sulkily, though, I wanted two identical earrings in my lobes – or nothing. I dropped my compassionate stray into a box of sister orphans and tried to move on.

However, the new year brought new hope. I put a photo in my lost earpiece, which Mrs. Kennedy estimates has tied at least 200 pairs. Matches can take weeks, months, sometimes even years, he warned, encouraging me not to give up hope. (So ​​far, no luck.)

Mr Kennedy explained that site users can gift or sell a set of their own to help other users. He himself has persuaded jewelers to replace name-brands. His page hosted a ranching story like this A bereaved mother who lost an earring in a pair before her 15-year-old daughter died (but still no match).

I also tried Reddit, joined it Sub-edit for buyers and sellers on the craft website Etsy. Again I posted a photo: Anyone know of a jeweler who can fake my earring? One Redditor responded that the earring was a leverback, rectangular, Swarovski zirconia (who knew?); Searched for these terms for me; Then spends me very similar, cheap Set made by a London Etsy designer. Surprised and delighted, I ordered them. These were bigger than I expected, but they were a lot closer to replacement than I expected.

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