Ghost DNA hints to the ancient human missing in Africa

Ghost DNA hints to the ancient human missing in Africa

On Wednesday, scientists reported that they have found evidence of such an extinct branch of our ancestors who separated from us millions of years ago. The evidence of this man was not fossil. Instead, researchers found fragments of their DNA in the genome of living West African people

Arun Durbasul and Sriram Sankararaman, two geneticists at the University of California at Los Angeles, describe the archaeological population of this so-called ghost. Journal of Science Advances. Their invention may shed light on the human genetic diversity of Africa, which is difficult to draw until now, since fossil records are so rare.

The new study is based on a decade of research on ancient DNA derived from human fossils. In 20, a group of researchers released the first genome of a neanderthal. They later found DNA from a fossil in a Siberian cave called Denisova. This genetic material was found to be the second genus of humans called Denisovans, who was closely involved with the Neanderthals.

The ancestors of the Neanderthals and the Denisovans split from our shared ancestors some 600,000 years ago, probably in Africa. They extended to Eurasia, where the Danisovans moved to the east, where the Neanderthals moved west. About 3,000 years ago, both populations went extinct.

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