Global stocks continue to slide in regards to coronavirus

Trump's claim was tainted by Roger Stone's jury bias

Wall Street futures on Thursday left investors on the sixth day of a loss as the Coronavirus outbreak continued to scare investors.

Financial markets have continued to decline in Asia and Europe.

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  • In Europe, the FTSE 100 in Britain, SAC 40 in France and DAX in Germany all account for less than 2.5 percent of transactions.

  • Japan’s shares fell more than 2 percent in Asia. Shares in China have maintained a general trend, with Shanghai increasing 0.1 percent.

  • Oil prices have also fallen, international benchmark Brent crude has dropped more than 2 percent. Gold prices have risen, indicating continued concern among global investors.

  • Seekers looking for safe places to invest are invested in government bonds, pushing 10-year Treasury notes to record yields.

  • The epidemic has shown a backlash to multinational companies. On Wednesday, Microsoft said it would reduce its sales in the current quarter due to disruptions in the supply chain. On Thursday, Anheuser-Busch joined the InBev Chorus, as there was a steep drop in quarterly profits as Brewer predicted.

  • Agencies have also returned their travels. French cosmetics giant El Oriel has postponed all business trips for its 5 employees at the end of March. Giant Swiss-based food company NestlĂ© says it will postpone all international business travel for its 20,000 employees by mid-March.

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