Halt Hal added to the flight of the Boeing United৩7 Max and extended southwest

Halt Hal added to the flight of the Boeing United৩7 Max and extended southwest

Two of the three US carriers, Boeing’s 7.77 jetliners, have stopped returning to their schedules again.

United Airlines said Friday that it will operate without a jet on September 9, and Southwest Airlines said Thursday that it will do the same by August 5.

Both airlines have previously said they hope to bring the 737 Max back in June, but Boeing said last month that it did not give regulatory approval to fly the jet until June or July, but did not give any formal update. After approval, airlines will have to prepare aircraft and train carriers, which will take several weeks.

United said on Friday that its decision would allow it to plan more precisely during the Greek summer travel season, even if regulators cleared the 73৩7 Max to fly soon.

After releasing a quarterly earnings call last month, United Nation’s chief commercial officer Andrew Nocella said the company did not expect to fly Max this summer. There are 737 Max Jets in the United Kingdom with 14. With 155 successive airlines, 16 more have been produced.

Southwest said Thursday that it has extended the suspension of the 73৩7 Max flight in light of “continued uncertainty about the timing” of returning to jet service.

Max has landed on a global basis, following two crashes, in late 2018 and early 2019, killing a total of 346 people. An automated anti-stall system called MCAS was identified as a common cause of disasters.

To fly again, 737 max Multiple barriers must be overcome. Boeing will have to resolve a number of issues jointly with regulators in order to resolve issues involving the MCAS and to determine if the company is likely to be isolated due to the short circuit in rare cases. Then the regulators have to test the aircraft and determine how the airliners should be trained to operate the aircraft.

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