Hate in Las Vegas: The Race for the 2023 this Week

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We are Yet Voting didn’t count in Iowa, but we do: It’s time for more cocktails. Let’s hope they get more smooth.

In the meantime, we will catch you up on what happened this week in Nevada and on the road to preaching.

If you are reading this Saturday morning, today is the day! After a few hours, the Nevadans will go to their caucus, and if all goes according to plan – and yes, we know it’s a big If – We should get some results soon.

Nevada Democratic officials are not taking anything for granted, and for example, have provided incredibly detailed instructions on how to launch an iPad.

Mr. Bloomberg is not competing in Nevada, but he has received considerable attention as he spends a great deal of money and continues to rise in national elections. His profit – And the history of the sentimental comments – Nevada had a huge target behind him this week, where the candidate noticed him after he was fired.

Mr Sanders was particularly direct in his criticism, and he and Mrs Warren accused Mr Bloomberg of trying to buy the election. This week, Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign returned, and Mr. Sanders’ campaign tactics were comparable to the reactions used by President Trump.

Mr Bloomberg, who has been seeking candidates for months to publish the plan, made five announcements this week, to restore the Obama-era financial regulations and connect the same industry where he made his tens of millions.

Her Wall Street plans A 0.1 percent tariff will be imposed for stock sales and other financial transactions – a proposal supported by Mr Warren, Mr Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the left, in very rare alignment for Mr Bloomberg. (Mr. Buttigig also supports this national tariff))

It would also reverse the Trump administration’s irregularities and create a team within the judiciary to push prosecutors to “prosecute not only corporations, but individuals for violations.”

  • Mr. Buttigig Publish a plan Proposals to ban new fossil fuel leases, increase funding for public land conservation, land and water conservation funds, and target “conservation and restoration of at least 5 percent of US land and sea by 20”.

  • Mrs. Warren Announce an agenda For small businesses. Among other things, it will set up a grant program to start businesses of color, support small businesses and entrepreneurs in federal contracts, and “encourage states and cities to reduce unnecessary control requirements and help small” business owners navigate the requirements. “”

  • In addition to Wall Street’s suggestions, Mr Bloomberg has published one Criminal justice reform plan. This is a plan to promote the extent of his record liability on Stop and Frisk and other policing issues – parts of which he announced in December – higher standards for the use of force, cash bail and the termination of the minimum and for my brother’s keeper program in the Obama era. $ 1 million a year is called for in financing.

  • Mr Bloomberg also revealed the plan Labor rights, To retire And Higher education. He supported a number of proposals that he opposed as mayor, but now it has become the norm for Democrats to raise the minimum wage to $ 5.

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