How a couple have transformed their Brooklyn brownstone into a place of age

How a couple have transformed their Brooklyn brownstone into a place of age

It was a boardinghouse for about 70, 70,000 before the Sussmans bought the property in 7, and was in rough shape. The couple renovated the house at that time, renovating the floors by leaving a new kitchen. But the following decades had a drastic effect on those reforms, when people in the neighborhood grew from gy annoying to vi racist.

“The home was in good condition, but it needed to be updated,” said Kascoran and Sassmans leasing agent associate broker Wasim Fakhredine.

His idea, the apartment above, was rented out for $ 1 a month, from $ 1, while units at the top of the market could fetch $ 12,500 – in luxury finishes at Prime Park’s Sl. Renovating this apartment does not result in this kind of airflow, but it does leave monthly rentals somewhere.

So Susman spends $ 60,000 on installing custom cabinets, quartzite counters and a thermodore range and refrigerator, focusing their attention and their budget on the parlor-floor kitchen. They added a powder room and coat closet, installed central air-conditioning throughout and renovated the third-floor laundry room. In the bathrooms, they installed matte-black penny-tile floors and paint wainscoting. And on one of the second floors, they remodeled the closet-foot tub and moved it down a window, looking out into the garden.

However, they made sure the 19th-century details, such as the sinking floors, the crown molding, the mill and the decorative medallions in the dining room. “I wanted to keep the home’s integrity as much as possible,” said Ms. Sussman.

Payoff? Afterwards List At $ 10,500 a month for the apartment in April 2019, they rented $ 9,000 for the first year and $ 9,500 for the second time three weeks later.

They may be for renters who are willing to pay more, but Ms. Sussman was happy to have a family of her choice. “It was not as important as taking the money,” he said, “because we live below.

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