I tried 6 popular anti-snoring devices. Here’s how they did it

I tried 6 popular anti-snoring devices. Here's how they did it

A year ago, I detected nasal polyps and dried them like regular wild pigs. I removed the polyps, but the snoring continued. I’m not alone. According to The Principles and Practices of Sleep Medicine (5th Edition), “About 40 percent of the adult population” rotates. Sometimes my snails awaken my husband (and vice versa), so I decided to try out six popular over-the-counter-anti-snoring contractions.

To get a baseline measure of how much I sniff without interfering, I’ve used SnoreLab, A high-rated app that allows you to listen to sounds, record clips and analyze audio at your leisure. After counting on an average of four nights of interference-free snail reading to get the initial “sleep score” I slept with each anti-snoring device for several nights and looked up my snowlab results against that baseline. (Keep in mind that some of these devices may work for you and not for me – and none of them should be used to treat conservative surgery if you’re sleeping restless, awake, or feeling tired and foggy during the day. See a) doctor.)

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While we need to test it long-term before confidently recommending any of it, a few devices showed promise in our initial – and far from scientific – experiments. Here is how they did it in order of how much they helped:

With this system rotating your head your head will move slightly. It also includes a wireless, mic-equipped device that can either sit on the bed or wall-mount to detect shoveling. Once this is done, it contacts a downstairs base station that pumps air through a tube that resides inside your pillow. This speed gently adjusts the position of your head to reduce the chain (in my case, it did this effectively without waking me up). It sounds bizarre, but it is the most effective device to try to cut my total snoring in half, according to my most snorlab slip score. It is also the most expensive. There are many options for personalization, which we will continue to test.

It is basically a small silicone funnel that sits inside your nose to put ilate inside your nose. The set comes with four different sizes for a perfect fit. It didn’t completely stop me from breathing, but it reduced a third of the three nights I used it, which warns for additional tests. I just do not love how it made the nose of my nose crackle every morning. It sounds gross but the vents are easy to clean with very little soap and hot water.

This band straps a small electronic device to your chest. It vibrates when it feels like you are behind you so you will replace yourself. According to American Academy of Sleep Medicine Spokeswoman Nitun Verma, MD, When you sleep on your back, your chin and tongue need to be pulled down by gravity, shortening the space behind your tongue and encouraging the snail. Unfortunately, I sniff while sleeping around, so this was not a good solution for me. Also, I can’t always tell if the bands are working or not because the controls are blurred.

This memory foam pillow is paired with a smartphone app that detects snoring and vibrates the pillow, prompting you to change the location. (JEQ can stream music from your phone via Bluetooth, if you are able to fall asleep)) The pillow brings extra-cut memory foam to mask the electronic; It’s comfortable outside the box, though hard to hold on to a standard pillow. It did nothing to reduce my rotation.

This rigid, band-aid-like adhesive strip pulls the sides of your nose to open up your nasal passages. It promises instant relief from the crowd – and it delivered, though I’m not sure if it was due to the true strip, the pressure needed to apply it, or the pleasant lavender scent. However, in the morning, it was always bleeding, which might explain why my snail didn’t notice any significant change overnight.

It looks like you wear it for any wrestling match: the strap of the chin closes your mouth so that you are forced to breathe through your nose. It does not come with instructions, but I was able to spread my mouth on this thing and (somehow) fall asleep, only to wake up at 3 in the morning, feeling uncomfortable and drooling. It did nothing for my snail.

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