John Rod, the top defense official, is the latest to leave the Impeachment saga

John Rod, the top defense official, is the latest to leave the Impeachment saga

WASHINGTON – The Defense Department’s top policy officer, John C. Rudd is the latest member of President Trump’s national security team to be involved with Ukraine to leave the government.

Mr Rod, the Under Secretary for Policy, will step down at the end of February, the department’s press secretary Alyssa Farah said Wednesday.

Mr Rod was part of the Defense Office team that told Congress last year that Ukraine had made the necessary reforms to justify sending the country $ 20 million in promised security assistance. This certification was considered by Mr. Trump as defying the defense party’s core argument during the war: that Trump continued to support Mr. Trump because he was concerned about corruption in Ukraine.

Mr. Trump was accused by the Democratic-controlled House but dismissed by the Republican-controlled Senate. Since his release, the president has been quick to clear administration officials whose events did not align with his own.

Mr Rod’s departure, reported earlier on CNN, was not entirely unexpected; He and Defense Secretary Mark T Asper were known for frequent clashes early in their careers, and Mr Asper was expected to be fired after becoming Secretary of Defense last year. However, the lack of a respected national security policy expert willing to work for Mr Trump has made it difficult for administration officials to fill jobs.

James h AndersonThe deputy assistant secretary in charge of the Secretary of Defense’s defense will assume the role of Mr Rod until replacement, the department said.

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