Moderate Democrats feared Bernie Sanders could pay the price for their home

Moderate Democrats feared Bernie Sanders could pay the price for their home

WASHINGTON – As Bernie Sanders is leading the way in the Democratic presidential nomination, his rise has raised fears among centrist Democrats that his party’s outgoing left-wing change may only cost the White House a chance to recover, but keep their seats in the House of Representatives. Took a shot

Concern over Capitol Hill among a small but politically important group of fresh national Democrats that has helped their party win control of the House in 2018, with President Trump winning the 2016 seat Now – The Democratic Socialist announced his re-election in November. Foot to do The.

About three dozen group members – often called “front-liners” or “majority makers” – have worked hard to create a political identity separate from their party’s progressive base, and many have already faced the challenge of competitive re-election to Republicans who have been billed as such radicals. The day that powers a left-wing agenda in Congress Iyeche.

“I’m the first Democrat in my district after 9,” said Dean Phillips, a front-liner Minnesota representative who supports his home state Senator Amy Klubuchar in the presidential race. “I’ve attracted a lot of independent and moderate Republican support, many of them probably for the first time in a long time. Voted Democrat in time.and i When Barney as a senator syandarsake respect, as a candidate, like me, on behalf of the people of the district is very challenging his candidacy. “

There is also concern among the centrists in the Senate, where Democrats have already faced their fight to remove four Republican seats, the majority will have to regain. They are seeking seats in North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado and Maine – where Mr. Sanders’ calls for a political revolution may not be good for voters.

Democrats must defend centrists like Senator Jenny Shaheen of New Hampshire and Tina Smith of Minnesota who will run for re-election. Mr Smith, who is also backing Mrs Klobuchar, said the party needed someone who could “bring the ballot up and down with the people.” Ms Shahin, who did not support any of the candidates, said that she was not concerned by Mr. Sanders but seemed frustrated at the suggestion that he had a big win in his state on Wednesday.

“He didn’t win big!” He shouted. (Mr. Sanders took over About 26 percent of the vote, former mayor of South Bend, Ind.) Ahead of Pete Buttigieg

In the House, eight frontline Democrats, including Michigan Representative Haley Stevens, New York’s Max Rose and Georgia’s Lucy McBath, endorsed Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City. Several military veterans – Pennsylvania Representatives Conor Lamb and Chrissy Houlahan and Ellen Luria of Virginia – have joined forces with former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

While some have publicly expressed their fears about the Sanders nomination, they do not risk paying attention to internal divisions of their party or alienating a potential nominee, but most of them have secretly described the preconceived notion for the past two weeks. As such, Sanders debuted as the top finisher in the first two races in the Democratic race.

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