N.F.L. Owners approve bargaining deals and are expected to vote by the players

N.F.L. Owners approve bargaining deals and are expected to vote by the players

The NFLL’s 32 teams quickly took steps Thursday to approve a new proposed labor contract that includes the 17th regular-season game and an extended playoff structure.

Nfl Team owners, including John Murray of Gents, a member of the management council, came out of a Manhattan hotel where they met for some time in two hours.

For the new deal to take effect, it needs to be approved by two-thirds of the 32 team representatives and then receive a majority vote by all players. Representatives of the union will meet on Friday at a conference call and it is not known whether they will actually vote.

The league acknowledged a statement later that the current collective bargaining agreement, approved in May 20 and effective March, 2021, if players do not reach the new proposal’s approval vote next week, when the league will scout it.

“Since clubs and players need to have a system and know the rules they will be operating in the coming weeks, the membership will be covered by the 25th C.B.A. It also allows for proceeding under its final year. If players decide not to allow the terms of the discussion, ” Read the statement.

Many players were outspoken as opposed to adding a game to the regular season, including NFL member Richard Sherman. Executive Committee of the Players Association. “I don’t think it’s something that players are interested in, honestly, and if they discuss the issue, I think these discussions are going much further than expected,” Sherman said. Told reporters before the Super Bowl. On Thursday, the Jaguars ran behind Leonard Fournette in Jacksonville Tweets Tweets, current page, “I don’t agree with 17 games”

According to the proposal, the playoffs will expand to 14 from 12 teams.

The league is keen to resolve this deadlock soon so it can focus on negotiating with television networks and technology companies for broadcast game rights, which will bring about an expected new revenue flood.

The NFLPA on Thursday. President, Eric Winston, Tweets Tweets, current page: “There is a flood of information on the prospects of a new CBA. To our players: Your player leadership is working tirelessly. This is a business deal and no deal has been finalized until players have voted.”

Ken Belson contributes reporting.

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