Next obstacle for Bernie Sanders: Nevada’s top union dislikes ‘Medicare for all’

Next obstacle for Bernie Sanders: Nevada's top union dislikes 'Medicare for all'

But his general reference to “all publicity” only angered some other union leaders, who, like many rank-and-file members of women of color, Mrs. Argillo-Klein, said she was hopeful that Mr Sanders would speak shortly to help address the threat.

“He understands the world we live in, where shooting can happen at any church or school or casino – that’s our environment,” he says.

Mr Sanders’ top aide, Ari Robin-Havt, declined to discuss how the opposition to the culinary union could influence the campaign in the state, saying only that the senator was “extremely respectful of them.”

By Saturday, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. was considering NBC’s “Meet the Press”, although Sanders supporters condemned Sanders’ supporters for “indecent, malicious, scandalous” remarks as Senator supporters pointed to his comments. Not part of our movement. “

Nevada’s reaction to Mr Sanders’ stance on Medicare for All also shows a split between his two bases – union members and young Latino. Several other local hospitality unions supported Mr. Sanders, and young Latinos often cited his healthcare plan as the main reason for his support.

Even members of the Culinary Union have a strain of silent support for Mr Sanders. In an interview with several union members over the weekend, many said they were supporting Mr Sanders, regardless of what the union’s leadership said. Some said that leaving them stuck in their job would mean losing coverage and they also wanted family members to have access to care. “I think his medical plan is really good, I think it’s good for everyone,” said Laura Alvarez, an Archie homemaker who first voted in the Caucasus at Union Hall on Saturday. “We deserve a good treatment plan. If it was for everyone, then I think that might be the best thing for us. “

Even after culinary union leaders criticized Mr Sanders, their decision not to approve a top-down option could only help him – which has really upset Biden’s leading Nevada supporters.

If Mr. Sanders had no rivals in the Caucasus days before, the Nevadans could have made the same bold or narrow judgment as their predecessors Iowa and New Hampshire, which would have benefited Mr. Sanders.

And Nevada politics seniors say that the segment looks even more likely because of the presence of a candidate who has spent more than $ 10 million in a television ad here, but there was not one reason for the first two states: Mr. Styre.

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