Officials say Florida doctor keded $ 26 million from health insurers

Officials say Florida doctor keded $ 26 million from health insurers

One day an ambitious Florida doctor faces charges of billing $ 2 million from health insurance insurers for surgery he did not perform or because he was president of Ghana, federal court records show.

According to court records filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida, this month physicians, Moses DeGrafft-Johnson, were charged with health care fraud and more than 5 health care frauds.

Dr. DeGrafft-Johnson, who operates the Heart and Vascular Institute of North Florida in Tallahassee, a doctor’s office and outpatient catheterization lab, used his facilities at a hospital to bill after a healthcare program for intervention. The vascular process “which never took place, court records say.

According to court papers, this month from September 28, this month, Dr. DeGrafft-Johnson has submitted a number of fraudulent claims to Florida’s medical, Medicaid and health insurers, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Prosecutors said that some patients who went to his office received diagnostic angiography – a procedure used to determine if a patient has heart disease – “whether medically necessary”.

Doctor DeGrafft-Johnson was actually traveling abroad while the bills he recorded were recorded, prosecutors said. For example, during a three-day period in 28, he claimed he had 5 arthrectomies, a procedure to open blocked coronary artery or vein grafts, or balloon angioplasty when he was abroad, court records say.

In another case, he claimed that on December 27, 2017, he completed one of the procedures, including a 5-minute turnaround time, in patients. What he did in seven hours could take about 24 hours, prosecutors said.

During the five-year period, Dr. DeGrafft-Johnson claimed that he had committed at least 1,633 atheists and that health insurers paid him at least $ 2.66 million, court documents say.

Investigators tracked down the physician’s credit card accounts, which showed more than $ 1 million in purchases at Tiffany & Company and Cartier. Dr. DeGrafft-Johnson says he has leased five cars for Ferrari and Lamborghini, court records say.

Dr. DeGrafft-Johnson, a natural-born American born in Ghana, sent at least 8.8 million international wire transfers to Ghanaian people or entities. He told officials that his ultimate long-term professional goal was to become President of Ghana.

Prosecutors said in court papers, “Although the government is not in a position to evaluate the feasibility of such a national effort, it appears that Dr Digraft-Johnson’s family member was Ghana’s vice-president in the early sixties.” Officers could not identify the relative.

Dr. DeGrafft-Johnson pleaded not guilty in court Thursday. At a detention hearing on Friday, Dr. DeGrafft-Johnson’s lawyer, William Bubsy, said his client was “a great doctor” and any money he sent overseas was to help the Ghanaian people, and not himself. The Associated Press reported.

Mr Bubassei did not immediately respond to a request for comment Saturday.

Dr. DeGrafft-Johnson has been a Florida licensed physician for 20 years Florida Department of Health, Has no disciplinary action or public complaint about anyone on whose website is listed.

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