Pelosi, Trying to Save House Majority, Against the Aid on Sanders

Pelosi, Trying to Save House Majority, Against the Aid on Sanders

WASHINGTON – Speaker Nancy Pelosi has faced deep concern among moderate Democrats who fear Senator Bernie Sanders will seek the party’s presidential nomination just to spend his control, removing his caucus from efforts to overthrow the White House race. Preserving its rank and majority of files and groups.

The country’s highest-ranking Democrat and his party’s de facto leader, Mrs. Pelosi, publicly and secretly insisted on Thursday that Democrats would be united around their nominee – even refusing to embrace Mr. Sanders’ agenda, especially Medicare for All, lacks the votes to pass the House.

When his caucus members met on Thursday afternoon behind closed doors at the Democratic National Committee headquarters to discuss the possibility of a long-running convention, a lawmaker joked that the contest was so fluid and turbulent that the Speaker himself could step down as president.

“I like my job – you’re not letting me off so easily,” Mrs Pelosi replied, according to two people who were present. He urged Democrats to “keep an eye on the ball” and focus on winning their own seats and defeating the president. He jokes about Mr. Trump’s skin color: “The ball has a face that is orange,” he said.

But in the midst of the laughter, Ms. Pelosi must handle the anxiety – and political counts – of the House Democrats, known as the front-liners who have been vomiting in the Republican seats in 2018 and 40, much of which Mr. Trump won. He is playing a dual role of den mother and general, trying to assure the fears of his members, and trying to focus on his own race while the president is clearly neutral in the competition.

“Nancy Pelosi is the vessel of our ship; He is a resilient force, “said Representative Andy Levine, a freshman Democrat who is from Michigan’s Macomb County, which Mr. Trump won in 2016. Mr. Levine added,” The amazing thing about him is he knows when or how to run and how. When not running. “

Ms. Pelosi’s tactic to keep the Democrats out of the presidency is reminiscent of a Republican adopted in 2016 when another popular candidate for fear of the party’s establishment – Donald J. Trump – likewise ran for the first time in an unexpected primary. The speaker was Paul D. Ryan, a mainstream conservative Republican Who found himself on the verge of a confrontation with Mr Trump, whose policies the president was opposed to factionalism.

Mr Pelosi also commented that “this opportunity has worked” for Mr Brendan Buck, Mr Ryan’s mentor at the time. “We have been able to run a parallel agenda because people see Donald Trump as his own person and not necessarily think of every Republican like Donald Trump.”

However, at this point in the race for the race, some Republicans thought that Mr. Trump could actually win the nomination, and was supported by a member of Congress. Mr. Trump was obviously a foreigner. Mr. Sanders, by contrast, has been doing politics for decades and, despite his standing as a standalone, is a member of the Senate Democratic leadership in relations across the capital.

Also, The complex democratic nomination system gives a speech to the Democratic members of Congress in the process, which are not separate Republican parliamentarians. Each congressional Democrat has a “superdelete,” which gives them the power to vote for a nominee if all the states run their caucus and primary, and no one gets a majority.

This is the real possibility this year if there are so many Democratic candidates in the race. Mr Sanders is the only candidate who said that “the nominee with the most votes should be nominated.” On Thursday, Ms. Pelosi appeared to reject the statement, though she declined to say whether she would request her fellow Democrats to support a candidate who did not have a most promising representative at the conference this summer.

“The person to be nominated will be the one whose majority is plus one,” Ms. Pelosi told reporters at her weekly press conference. “It can happen before it even goes to the conference, but we’ll see.”

Although Ms. Pelosi has repeatedly urged Democrats to remain united, she is also pushing them to pursue a “three-pronged agenda” for people – creating better pay jobs, eliminating corruption and reducing healthcare and management costs – that have provided them with a majority in 2018. .

“We have to win in certain cases,” he told reporters Thursday morning, adding that “it is not uncommon for a party platform or presidential candidate to have their own agenda, and it is not unusual for the House of Representatives to have its agenda.”

In the interview, a group of Democrats said they believed Mr. Sanders in Vermont would be disastrous as a nominee, and Mrs. Pelosi knows best about their feelings.

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