Special Forces set up the first female to train and join the Green Beret

Special Forces set up the first female to train and join the Green Beret

WASHINGTON – A National Guard soldier will become the Army’s first female Green Beret next week, according to military officials, after launching all combat and special operations jobs for women in the Pentagon’s 26 combat.

The woman, an enlisted soldier, is in the final stages of training before graduating from an almost year-long eligibility course as a special forces engineer sergeant, or Q course. His graduation is almost certain, officials say, although at times the soldiers have failed late or withdrawn due to injury.

A spokesman for the Army’s Special Operations Command will not release any information about the soldier, citing security concerns.

The soldier is one of a handful of women who have passed the initial 24-day assessment program that serves as a screening process prior to the qualification course. Weekly screening regimens test candidates with basic military skills, before being evaluated by Special Forces caretakers – including marching on the ground and heavy combat gear – and are either denied entry or taken on a qualification course.

At least one other woman, a medical sergeant, is also in the qualification course.

The length of the course depends on the soldier’s military work, Green Berets has specialties such as intelligence and operations, weapons, medical, engineering and communications. All were front-row fighting positions, and the Green Berets The epicenter of the American war since the September 9, 2001 attacks.

Of the 65,000 women in the army, more than 700 women soldiers were previously allowed to enter combat service. In 2017, there was a woman Accepted Enter the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment, an elite light infantry unit that operates alongside the Army’s most prestigious commando teams under Joint Special Operations Command.

More than a dozen women have graduated from the army’s rigorous Ranger School, becoming Captain’s first female infantry officer, along with Captain Kristen M. Grist.

“I hope that with our performance at Ranger School, we are able to inform what we can expect from the women of the army,” said Captain Grist when he passed his graduation in 2015. . And mentally at the same level as men.

Army Special Forces, better known as the Conversation, called the Green Berets, are the responsibility of the last army without a female. Used for missions around the world, the Green Berets expand the continuity of the mission from “soft power” to inoculating local children’s diseases and building relationships with local leaders – a campaign of intense fighting. They were engaged in traditionally unorthodox warfare missions, which often meant training and equipping friendly local forces and armies, as well as conducting counter-insurgency operations.

The elite unit, run by President John F. Kennedy, gained national recognition during the Vietnam War.

Special forces have been deployed today in conflict zones such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, replacing the conventional military as the backbone of the United States’ long war after training and fighting with the United States-backed Allied forces.

Earlier this month, two soldiers of the Special Forces, Sergeant. First Class Xavier J. Gutierrez and Sgt. The first class was Antonio and Rodriguez In eastern Afghanistan, when an Afghan soldier opened fire on them, he was killed in what was described as an internal attack.

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