Technological agencies identify one in online videos of child sexual abuse

Technological agencies identify one in online videos of child sexual abuse

He confirmed that the numbers released Friday reflected in all content reported by the center, including content that “could not meet the legal definition of child pornography.”

Still, the numbers don’t paint the full picture of the problem: As the Times published last year, the industry has been plagued by uneven and inconsistent detection methods. Some cloud storage services owned by Amazon and Microsoft do not scan at all for illegal content, while other companies like Snap scan for photos but not video.

The information technology industry shows a great deal of discrimination. Google has reported more than 3.5 million combined images and videos; Yahoo has more than two million; And Imagur, a photo-sharing site, has more than 260,000. Dropbox, Microsoft, Snap and Twitter are the only other companies that reported more than 1 million images and videos last year.

Apple reported dramatically fewer images than other tech giants, totaling more than 3,000, and zero videos. These figures reflect the inability to scan the content transmitted by the encrypted messaging app, as well as the iCloud file storage service that does not scan fact Amazon, whose cloud service handles millions of uploads and downloads per second, does not send any image or video to the national center .

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, who sponsors the Child Protection Act and was recently a member of a bipartisan group who asked 36 Technology Companies To detail their efforts in the region, the numbers are called “terrific and wonderful.”

“The different data set forth here shows that we obviously cannot rely on tech companies in self-policing,” he said.

Alex Stamos, who heads both data protection and Facebook, said that the numbers were a reflection of companies that have made greater efforts to find and remove elements from their platforms.

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