Tesla and industry self-pilot systems criticized at the hearing

Tesla and industry self-pilot systems criticized at the hearing

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment, but the company has previously said that Autopilot makes its vehicles safer. In the fourth quarter of 2019, The agency reports For every three million miles an accident involves a Tesla driven autopilot. After all, the national rate for every 498,000 miles operated in 2017 was an accident, The N.H.T.S.A. According to

Still, electric car makers face scrutiny on multiple fronts. NTSB And the Traffic Safety Administration is currently investigating more than a dozen crashes so that the autopilot probably played a role.

In the 2018 accident, the autopilot was busy for about 19 minutes, according to a security board investigation. Mr Huang kept his hands several times during that time, and at the last moment of the accident, the car identified his hand on the wheel three times for a total of 5 seconds. It did not detect its hand on the wheels within six seconds of impact.

Tesla event data recorders regularly collect various types of information, such as position, speed, seatbelt position, driver’s seat position, rotation angle of the steering wheel, and pressure on the accelerator pedal.

Mr Huang was traveling in Mountain View on U.S. 101 in his 28 Tesla Model X Sport Utility vehicle when the car hit a moderate barrier at about 71 miles per hour. The speed limit was 65 m.p.h. The car smashed into the collision, after which it pushed into two other cars and caught fire.

His brother told investigators that Mr Huang had earlier complained to the family about an autopilot problem on this side of the highway. According to documents obtained from the investigation, information obtained from the vehicle confirmed at least one similar episode near the area dividing the two highways.

The first known fatal accident with a May autopilot occurred in Florida when a Tesla failed to stop a truck that was approaching a highway in Florida. Was dead

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