The assistant was again anonymized and returned to the Department of Energy

The assistant was again anonymized and returned to the Department of Energy

WASHINGTON – The White House is replacing a veteran national security aide who was suspected of writing an anonymous insider’s statement on the Trump administration, the latest move by several senior staffers to question President Trump’s loyalty.

Victoria Coates, Trump’s deputy national security adviser, will return to the energy division Monday where she will serve as senior adviser to Secretary of Energy, Dan Brawlett.

National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien announced in a statement Thursday that the move would change staff, saying his move was “to ensure closer alignment of energy policy with national security objectives.” The first step was Reported by Axis.

But current and former administration officials say that Mrs Coates, who was handling the Middle East and North Africa affairs of the National Security Council, was targeted by a whispering campaign. Some Trumpists are conservative That he was anonymous is an officer who wrote a September 2018 op-ed article for the New York Times that expanded into a book published last year.

The Times simply identified the anonymity as “a senior official in the Trump administration.” The anonymous official, whose identity is known to the senior leadership of the Times editorial page department, but not to his colleagues in the news department or to the reporters covering the White House, has remained anonymous for more than a year, even after the madness that the person still works in government. .

Ms. Coates’ allies have revealed that she is anonymous, saying that many of Trump’s officials, including the author, “are working sincerely to discourage part of his program and his worst instincts.” Mr Trump and his senior adviser were upset by the article and tried to figure out who wrote it.

An official in the administration, who declined to be named, said that the White House “does not hold any stock” on the suggestion that Mrs Coates was the author of the book and the Times opinion article. The officer said his transfer was underway for several weeks.

But the allegations against him turned into an important distraction. Last week, with reports of her job status rumored, Mrs Coates was expected to attend a panel at the conservative Hudson Institute. He never appears, providing no advance explanation.

Earlier this month, anonymous literary agents Issued a statement Fiercely denying that Miss Coyotes, an art historian who worked with them on her behalf 2016 book about art and democracy, Was the author in question.

Known as the stalwart of Middle Eastern issues, including Israel and Iran, Mrs. Coates previously served as a foreign policy aide to Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. He has served multiple national security jobs in the Trump administration, and Mr. O’Brien was promoted to deputy national security adviser shortly after taking over the National Security Council last fall.

The departure came shortly after Lieutenant Colonel Alexander S. Windman’s dismissal from the council, which testified against Mr Trump during the House hearing, and was also the brother of Mr Bindman, a national security activist. The two were reassigned to the Department of Defense, from where they were briefed to the National Security Council.

This dismissal and Mrs. Coates’s reappointment do not relate to a shortage of council staff that Mr. O’Brien initiated. Mr O’Brien said the agency’s size would be reduced from ১১৫ 176 positions later this month – to reduce staffing – needed to streamline operations, but critics see Mr Trump’s move to oust officials of uncertain loyalty.

“Although I am sorry to lose an important member of our team,” Mr O’Brien said in a statement, “Victoria will be a great asset to Secretary Brawlett as the President’s energy security policy prioritizes.”

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