The dead were reported in Mali as 31 attackers returned to the scene of a massacre

The dead were reported in Mali as 31 attackers returned to the scene of a massacre

BAMACO, Mali – At least five people have been killed in attacks in a village that had the scene of last year’s deadliest civilian massacre in recent memory, the government said.

The official statement did not say who attacked the village of Ogosagou, the Fulani cattle village in central Mali.

Last March, more than 150 civilians were killed by rival faction militias in Ogosagou, depicting growing ethnic and jihadist violence in the vast Sahel region of West Africa.

Molloy Gaindo, the mayor of the neighboring city of Banks, said the latest attack occurred less than 24 hours after Malian troops located near Ogosagoui had left their bases.

Central Malian residents have criticized the army for failing to protect them against the recent violence, which displaced 200,000 people and left many people without local government or defense systems.

They are leaning toward militias to protect against jihadists and rival ethnic groups, though militias have used their weapons to dispose of their numbers.

Malian officials say they suspect that last year’s massacre in Ogosagou was organized by an ethnic Dagan group called Dan na Ambasagou. The team refused.

French forces intervened in 25 to repatriate al-Qaeda-linked jihadists, who captured northern Mali last year, but militants have regrouped, strengthening the recruitment and destabilizing the region, with ethnic rivalry in central Mali and elsewhere.

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