The effects of the coronary virus spread all over Asia: ‘It’s quiet, like a grave’

The effects of the coronary virus spread all over Asia: 'It's quiet, like a grave'

The nature-themed complex at Changi Airport reflected disappointment at the jewelry. Rain vertex indoor waterfalls are usually crowded with selfies to lift, there was plenty of room to take pictures. Apple Store employees have outgrown two buyers in their blue-blue T-shirts.

Janie Liu, Owner of Rich and good cake shopJewell has a stash that says the business has fallen in half. “The general mood of the country is depressing, and people are not going to places that they see as crowds,” he said.

Robert and Jane Murray, 73৩s and 70রতs living in Australia, spent most of their three days in Singapore sitting in an empty terminal waiting for their flight to Jaipur, India, to attend a wedding.

“We gave the trip a booking before giving all the hype and it wants us to cancel,” Mr Murray said. “But we contacted our physician, who said it was ‘flu-like,’ so we just take precautions, wash our hands and we’re fine.”

In Siem Reap, the Cambodian general tourist center, the airport was hopelessly empty and had check-in and security lines were minimal.

French-born owner and general manager, Arne Lugon (1). Sala Lodge, Said that in the middle of February, its 11 traditional timber houses had no new bookings in three weeks, though February was a high season for tourism. “I can only hope that this virus is there and that it will end soon,” he said.

Fabien Marshall, 46, co-owns the 35-room Weiroth Hotel, Said: “During the Chinese New Year, about 5 percent of our clients came from China, but this year they canceled all. The hotel was almost completely empty for a few days. “

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