The judge in the Roger Stone case warned of the attack on the pair by Trump and others

Judge Juror Bias of the Roger Stone case made the hearing public

However, Judge Jackson repeatedly doubted their claims.

“Having an opinion about the president and some or even all of his policies doesn’t mean he can’t judge the evidence against Roger Stone either impartially or impartially,” he said. “It painted a picture that he cared about immigration, he thought about race, that voice comes in.”

Particularly after Mrs Hart’s identity was known, many of Mr Trump’s aides had slammed his social media accounts and the posts that they said publicly criticized the president. “The risk of harassing and intimidating a judge who can testify at a hearing later today is extremely high,” the judge said.

During jury selection, jurors answer the question verbally and, with a special caution, to identify bias by completing long-term questionnaires.

Among other questions, they were asked if they had any views about the President, whether those views would make it difficult for them to do justice, and whether the Special Counsel had ever commented on public use in the investigation by Robert S. Mella. The third Mr Stone was one of six former Trump aides who were charged as the result of that investigation.

Last week, defendant’s lawyers asked Judge Jackson to remove himself from the case. They argued that his remarks during Thursday’s sentencing proved that he would not be neutral when he ruled on jurors’ claims of their misconduct, citing that judges “acted conscientiously under difficult circumstances.”

On Sunday, the judge rejected the motion, saying he was extremely unlawful. He said that he resolved two important questions and bond questions in favor of Mr Stone, “even after he took social media to intimidate the court” and disobeyed his mockery order. After accusing him, Mr Stone posted a picture of the judge with a picture of Cross’s hair near his head – a move he said endangered him and other court staff.

Easterspersons criticized the trial, suggesting that Mr Trump would consider forgiving Mr Stone. The president promised “let the process take effect” after sentencing Mr Stone on Thursday, but said he could intervene if he was dissatisfied that Mr Stone had been treated unfairly.

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