The Lakers are elite again, and ready to ‘turn up’

The Lakers are elite again, and ready to 'turn up'

Lakers coach Frank Vogel may be concerned. The NBA The All-Star had a break and still had one more game left in his squad. However Vogel said he understood from his players and especially LeBron James that they were focused.

“You could just tell he was really, really locked in,” Vogel told reporters after the Lakers’ 120-116 overtime win over the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, “and it wasn’t beyond a footing – a break-type game, that he was set like a play-off mind. . And he showed it throughout the game. “

The Lakers had their share of doubts at the start of the season. Vogel, in his first season of work, how do you handle a colorful gathering of the team? Was the Lakers deep enough to fight for a title? Did James wash up after missing a big part of last season due to an injury? And how does he mix up with Anthony Davis?

These were all reasonable questions. But now with almost two months left in the regular season, the Lakers have shown that they really are – and lately they have done so when the entire company mourned the death of Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers’ win over the Nuggets is highlighted by this James’s triple-double – pushed their record to the Western Conference lead – 41-12, four games better than that Second place is Denver. The Milwaukee Bucks (3-4) have a better record than the championship with their own hopes. After Wednesday’s win, James was asked about the importance of securing the top seed in the West.

“We don’t talk about it,” he said. “We really don’t. We play the game the right way. “

Here’s how the Lakers make the N.B.A. Royalty:

At the same time, Davis is healthy for the most part, and James is also the key to everything. The Lakers can’t expect to win much without either of them – they are the league’s best pair. Against the Nuggets on Wednesday, they combined for 65 points and 22 rebounds.

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