The Nevada Democrats are looking to claim a 2020 race as a clash

The Nevada Democrats are looking to claim a 2020 race as a clash

LAS VEGAS – Nevada has a message for Iowa and New Hampshire: We don’t consider how you think the Democratic field has narrowed. We will do our own thing.

This state, which will hold its caucuses on Saturday and is now more diverse than the two presidential contests held, is determined to reverse the momentum, or hopefully, the crumbling prospect of rural expansion will come after Iowa and New Hampshire shape. .

“I don’t think Iowa or New Hampshire reflects on America,” said Jonathan Quitt, who works at Stripe’s Casino and volunteers with former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., “I think they’re small, white – bread communities without diversity.”

The shift to a more diverse electoral country in the presidency brings the possibility of more focus on ethnic issues and the opportunity for candidates like Mr Biden, as well as former Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Senator Amy Klubucher, who has yet to share a very goal with unique voters.

At the Clark County Democratic Party’s dinner at Tropicana Las Vegas on Saturday night – the organization’s public was ready to pay $ 5 and get dressed in suits and cocktail attire – six top presidential candidates spoke, and Mr. Biden thought the house was his own. He gave a rally speech about the Obama administration’s success while criticizing the senator Bernie Sanders’ healthcare plan to end personal insurance that has fought hard for unions.

In an interview aired on Sunday, Mr Biden further clarified the cost of his “Medicare for All” proposal, following Mr Sanders, winner of the popular vote in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“He never did anything,” Biden told NBC’s “Meet the Press” about his rival.

“I mean, he’s been talking about healthcare, Medicare for everyone, public health for 35 years,” Mr Biden said. “Nothing happened. I helped pass Obamacare. I helped it move forward. I got the vote.”

Mr. Sanders lived in Clark County for the majority of his dinner, a percentage of the state’s population, to attack Michael R. Bloomberg and his record as mayor of New York City. Mr Sanders condemns Mr Bloomberg, who is not on the ballot here on February 22, calling for a “racist policy like Stop and Frisk” policing tactics that have been criticized for having an unusual effect on people of color and for which Mr. Bloomberg apologizes.

Echoing the growing influence of Mr Bloomberg on the 3d March 14 Super Tuesday state, Mr Biden and Mrs Klobuchar both also made stops and Frisk and report after Sunday’s free-spending billionaire. He made sexist comments. “The basic point is that $ 60 billion can buy you a lot of ads, but it can’t erase your record,” Mr. Biden said in “Meet the Press.”

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