The Palestinian leader has condemned Trump’s meddling plan in the UN

The Palestinian leader has condemned Trump's meddling plan in the UN

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday rejected angry President Trump’s plans for peace between Palestinians and Israelis at the United Nations, describing it as an illegal, one-sided proposal that rewarded Israel for decades of occupation and turned its people into swordsmen. Puzzle.

In a speech to the Security Council, Mr Abbas categorically denied the plan, which Mr Trump Exposed to intense fog Two weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on his side in Washington. The plan would give Israel much of what it wanted, while giving Palestinians the possibility of a state of limited sovereignty.

Mr Abbas and many countries, including the Arab League and European Union members, publicly rejected the plan soon after it was announced. But his visit to the UN Security Council, the site of many angry conflicts over the long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, also solidified his resolve to ensure that the plan was never considered, even as the basis for a resurgence of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Makes.

“This is an Israeli-American pre-aggression plan to end the Palestinian question,” Mr Abbas said.

Mr Trump’s plan, which he repeatedly delayed disclosure, guaranteed that Israel controlled a unified Jerusalem as its capital and provoked the Palestinian anger by not requiring any settlement on the West Bank, established after the Arab-Israeli War of 1966. And a lot of the world is falling apart.

“This plan will not bring peace or stability to the region,” Mr Abbas told the Security Council. “It’s like Swiss cheese. Who among you will accept the same state and conditions? Ladies, this agreement involves the occupation of the occupation and the strengthening of the apartheid regime that we thought we had released a long time ago. “

Mr Trump’s plan will defy Palestinians’ long-standing demand for capital in Jerusalem Abu Dish, An unexpected suburb of the Holy City was separated from it by a concrete Israeli-built security barrier.

Mr Trump has pledged $ 3 billion in international investment to build a new Palestinian entity and open an embassy in his new state.

Mr Abbas’s speech was sharply criticized by Israeli ambassador to the UN, Danny Dannon, who told the Security Council that the Palestinian leader was not interested in peace talks.

Mr Dannon says, “If President Abbas was serious about the negotiations, he would not be here in New York, he would be in Jerusalem.” “Instead of complaining, instead of leading, this is the way of Abbas.”

Before Abbas’s speech, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addressed the council and restored the long-standing commitment of the two-member organization to the idea that the two states would “live alongside peace and security within recognized borders.” Pre 1967 line. “

One The poll was published Tuesday Mr. Abbas’s position was widely supported among Palestinians, with 94 percent opposed to the Trump plan.

A Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey research survey found support for a two-state solution for Palestinian conflict has fallen by less than 5 percent, the lowest level since the first Oslo Accords were signed in May.

About two-thirds of Israelis were in the armed struggle against the occupation.

Last week, 1,270 adults were surveyed and had an error margin of three percent.

After the Security Council speech, Mr. Abbas attended a brief press conference in New York with Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who outlined a peace plan with Mr Abbas on May 25. Much more liberal than the Palestinian party Than Mr. Trump’s proposal.

The television cameras that Palestinians wanted, a meeting between Mr Olmert and Mr Abbas appeared to show that Mr Abbas was involved with Israelis like Mr Olmert, if Mr Netanyahu was not.

Mr Abbas, without question, told Mr Olmert that “I extend my hand to the people of Israel” and went after praising him as a “man of peace.”

Thanking Mr Abbas, Mr Olmert said he did not come to the United States to criticize Mr Trump’s plan and emphasized what he called a positive element: it was the support of the two-state policy.

“I hope that the Palestinians do not ignore the promise of a two-state solution,” Mr Olmert said, and he predicted that talks between Mr Abbas and the Israelis would inevitably resume.

Who can represent the Israeli side in this national discussion, Mr Olmert pointed to the Israeli election in March – the third of a year – that could end Mr Netanyahu’s tenure after more than a decade of power.

“The representative of Israel is the Prime Minister of Israel, whoever he is,” Mr Olmert said. “It’s Netanyahu now a month from now, I don’t know.

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