The real downfall! – The New York Times

The real downfall! - The New York Times

Good morning On Valentine’s Day, Hallmark holidays for anyone, cards and chocolates and roses of questionable evidence, dinner on candles, stunned public displays of affection. If you are celebrating, I hope your reservation is made or you have a caviar order. You will not want to look for ideas on Thursday or Friday mornings. When you serve this loved one Sandwich (Above) For Valentine’s dinner, you don’t want it to be a jam jam. You want it to be a planned moment of luxury: lukewarm, sexy in the extreme.

There is something in the future though. For tonight, I don’t know that “sexy” describes it Ginger fried rice with bok choy, mushrooms and basil There may be a better sounding tune from Alexa Weibel. However I know it will make a great dinner.

You may however like it Scallop pasta with fried tomatoes and herbs are seared. (I don’t think scallops can taste better than this time of year, with temperatures of at least 40s water where my scalps are low))

Or maybe, Eat it? Daniela Galerza picked up the recipe from Los Angeles restaurant Nori Thiem and it’s great.

Here’s a great, Creamy one-pot pasta with chicken and mushroomsFrom the adamant Mark Bitman. And an incredibly delicious recipe Orange beef From me (I like this guy Andy, who put a note in the recipe a second time that he made that he doesn’t have orange or any fish sauce, “so I used a few tablespoons of orange marble and a tablespoon of hoisin, and a tablespoon of chili garlic sauce. . “It sounds outstanding!)

You can make Kalu Henry’s Pasta is a ceci soup. Or Allison Romance Garnish with cilantro sauce with cumin-roasted salmon. Or J Kenji Lapage-Alts moo shu mushroom.

In fact, there are thousands of recipes you can cook this week waiting for you NYT Cooking. (Yes, you need a subscription to access them. Shotgun And Fly rod.

I hope you come to see us Instagram While you’re at it and you stream our videos Youtube For example. Was Twitter, Of course, As i.

With your cookbook or our technology: If anything goes wrong on the way, you can write to help: cooking service @ We will come back to you. Or you can write to me: [email protected]

Now, it has nothing to do with roast chicken, but I want you to read it anyway: Nicholas Lemmon of The New York Review of Books, “Journalism can be preserved? “

Here Dave Holmes is above Hugh Lewis, In Esquire. (Holmes doesn’t mention it, but Lewis A hell of a fly in a fly.)

Today is the birthday of Tom and Jerry, who debuted in 1940,Puss is the boot. “(And here’s a recipe Tom and Jerry cocktailsWhich is older))

Finally, Michael Chabon and all talk about thisStar Trek: Picard“I got to watch the first episode and, OK, but I was never a” Star Trek “guy. What should you do this week? Chavan’s “Read or Reread”Cavalier and Clay’s amazing adventure. “I’ll be back on Wednesday.

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