The Trump campaign shows the New York Times a 2019 opinion article

The Trump campaign shows the New York Times a 2019 opinion article

The campaign for President Trump’s re-election sued the New York Times on Wednesday, alleging that an op-ed article published by the magazine lied to Russian officials and Mr Trump during the 2016 campaign “Quid Pro Co”.

Mr Trump often threatened to sue media companies, but rarely followed suit. This is the first time a lawsuit has been filed in a New York state court in Manhattan, where he has taken legal action against a US newspaper whenever he has taken political action.

The case relates to an article published by the Times ‘opinion section in March 2019 (The Times’ opinion section works separately from its newsroom.)

In the article, Mr. Frankel writes about communication between Mr. Trump’s inner circle and the Russian ambassador about the leadership of the about 20 elections. He concluded that there was a “very important deal” with Trump’s campaign and Russian officials, rather than any “detailed electoral alliance”: “the amount of aid to campaign against Hillary Clinton in terms of new Russian pro-foreign policy.”

Trump’s case argued that the conclusion was “false” and the Times article “knew it would mislead and mislead its own readers.” The lawsuit accuses The Times of “extreme prejudice and hatred toward it” against Mr Trump’s re-election campaign without proof.

The Times responded shortly after the lawsuit was filed Wednesday. “The Trump campaign is leaning toward the court to give their opinion that an opinion writer’s opinion is unacceptable,” The Times spokesman Eileen Murphy said in a statement.

“Fortunately, the law protects Americans’ right to express their judgment and decisions, especially with regard to events of public importance,” Macy Murphy added. “We expect this right to be true in this case.”

The lawsuit was filed in favor of Trump’s campaign by Charles J. Harder, a lawyer who has earned fame for aggressive legal battles against leading news agencies.

Mr. Harder is best known for introducing former professional wrestler Terry G. Bolia, known as Hill Hogan. The case against Gauca Media, which was secretly written by technology investor Peter Thiel. The suit, which deals with the release of a sex video, resulted in a $ 140 million decision that led to the bankruptcy of Gawker Media and forced the sale of the site.

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