There is no medical emergency to block the ‘Stay in Mexico’ shelter

There is no medical emergency to block the 'Stay in Mexico' shelter

In a makeshift camp in Matamoros, the tabernacle of a seafront camp is crowded, housing about 2,5 migrants. Families cook in home-made ovens made of old washing machines. From a trailer, Dr. Maura Salmon, medical director of Global Response Management, leads a team of doctors, some of whom are Immigrants themselves.

Dr. Simon said the team treats at least 3 patients a day. He listed more serious treatment issues: sickle cell anemia, hypoxia, third-degree burns and sepsis. Other patients include 70-year-old chest pain, epilepsy or developmentally ill children, HIV. Included were immigrants, as well as one suffering from ovarian cancer.

“This is a hundred percent of the creation of the MPP,” said Dr. Simon. “It’s not a virtual wall – it’s a wall. You can see how close the river is. Every day you look at that river and people say, “United States is right”

His team sends patients to a nearby hospital in an emergency, but care may be inadequate. Dr. Saman said the boy who went to the hospital with appendicitis was released, and then his appendix burst, Dr. Simon said. Some refused to go to the hospital for fear of being an immigrant Kidnapped by Cartel Agency, The same threat that prompted the State Department Advise Americans Not for a trip to Matamoros. A drive-by shooting near the camp on Thursday forced Dr Sumner’s medical team to move away.

Homeland Security officials say the new asylum policy, which is usually in Mexico, An enthusiasm quused Faced with migration and overcrowding in the United States last year, facilities officials say that forcing immigrants to wait in Mexico also discourages those who qualify for asylum from participating in the process.

A medical issue was not usually sufficient to enter the United States, and it was rarely for people seeking refuge in political asylum and violence. Health-conditioned foreigners usually have to obtain a visitor’s visa and must prove that they can afford to pay for treatment in the United States.

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