Trump’s rally recipe: Just add data, money, entertainment and grievances

Trump's rally recipe: Just add data, money, entertainment and grievances

WILDWOOD, NZ – The president wanted nothing less than what they had.

“If you want your children to be blessed that Americans have fought for the protection of the clan and died,” he told a crowd of supporters in President Trump Wildwood’s campaign rally this winter, “We must dedicate ourselves to 2020.” Everything that is towards victory “

Sitting a few yards to the right of the president, Jacqueline D’Angelo, a 53-year-old retired police officer, has taken heart in Mr Trump’s words. As Mr. Trump’s voice rose, he sat with his 14-year-old son, Lorenzo, and began to shake his fist. He rocked the TV sign he made for her – “Women for Trump” – when the president named his list of villains: Democrats Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, news media, Nancy Pelosi again. For the most part, he was joking.

Last month, the rally was just like about 500 that Mr. Trump has hosted since announcing his candidacy in 2015, but this was his first in favor of Mrs. D’Angelo. His cheeks were torn when he emerged from the public meeting.

That is, “She said,” was released. “

For the hype, it was a capture.

Ms. D’Angelo’s experience represents the ideal outcome of a campaign that goes the way of using digital platforms to shake up followers and gather important voter information when they arrive. Rallyings like this – and an upcoming one on Friday night in North Charleston, SC – are seen as the crown jewel of data collection for Mr. Trump’s campaign.

Campaign officials are open to seeing the rallies as a data mining operation that can help volunteers create a red hat force.

According to the campaign, Mr D’Angelo and his son, two of the nearly one million people registered to attend the rally in New Jersey, were the first in Mr. Trump’s state as president. To register for the rally, he visited the promotion site, clicked a button, then removed his name, email address and phone number. In exchange, she received two tickets.

Mrs. D’Angelo heard of the President’s presence through a friend who helped her manage one The Trumpist Facebook Page He made it through mid-2018 before the election. Like most Facebook groups that support Mr. Trump, he also has a cascade of links to conservative websites, Trump White House social media posts and photographs of the president’s enemies, including Mrs. Pelosi.

For Ms. D’Angelo, the presidential talk hearing was a validation of her decision to vote for Mr Trump in 2016. Looking at his performance over the past three years – in particular, he said, in protecting America from “illegal immigrants” – he has gone from someone who has been politically independent to someone who now says he believes that only if he comes from Trump. The truth should be believed.

“I was on the fence like no other,” he said. But now, “knowing that he’s trying to do the right thing is like a leap of faith for me.”

His digital ticket request was just a drop in the bucket of publicity data collection. According to A tweet by Brad Purcell, Trump’s campaign director who publicly shared the data after each rally, requested 158,632 tickets to the Wildwood event. Of the 73,482 voters identified as seeking tickets through the campaign, 10 percent did not vote in 2016 and at one point more than a quarter were registered as Democrats. In this last statistic, officials confirm that Mr. Trump is attracting people who are confused about the current slate of presidential candidates, so the campaign gives reference to the information he gathers from the gatherings, along with voter information collected by the Republican National Committee.

“When someone signs up to go to a rally, we can match them to our big voter file,” said Tim Muerto, campaign communications director. “From there we can tell whether they voted recently, if they were Republicans or Democrats, did they come from another state? When we identify someone as supporter, it improves our modeling and voter scoring all. “

Republican strategists say the numbers reveal that Trump’s campaign is not just drawing on believers, but also focusing on making sure they vote in November.

“People can be Vocal Republicans online and in person, but never vote,” Republican digital strategist Eric Wilson said in an interview. “Voters are not necessarily rational actors, and for that reason it is important to have a campaign to build relationships with them.”

Mr. Trump has shown, during his 90-minute stand or every rally, that his campaign is the best product: a president who insists that the media and the Democratic Party refuse to see anything positive about his administration or his supporters.

While she waited in line at Wildwood, Mrs. D’Angelo contacted bikers for a Trump member who volunteered to collect names, addresses and phone numbers from the crowd on behalf of the New Jersey Republican Party. (Mrs. D’Angelo told her that she had already signed up.) She complained to an acquaintance with James Totto, a local councilman, an Atlantic County freeholder, about LGBT-friendly bathroom policies in public schools.

Mr D’Angelo took the time to check in on his Trumpist Facebook page, sometimes broadcasting live videos at home for others. Many of its members once worked in law enforcement, such as Mrs. D’Angelo, a retired Army veteran from the police force in Patterson, NJ who now collects pensions that she completes with her husband, an auto body business. Brigantine, NJ

His words are safe to appeal to white, Christian, blue-collar voters at Mr. Trump’s rally and campaign. Mrs D’Angelo, who is white, said that her influence on the military and the law enforcement community helped her win. He does not understand why he would dislike Mr Trump, a leader who says, “There is cojone.”

“The last time I pushed patriotism was 9/11,” said Mrs. D’Angelo. “Apple pie. Baseball Christmas He truly embodies our traditional traditions “

Christmas, as Ms. D’Angelo noted, is something Mr. Trump has frequently mentioned at his rallies. He claimed that he made it safe to say “Merry Christmas” once again “Make America Great Again” Collectible Ornaments The price is $ 60.

Ms. D’Angelo compared it to another full-time job being updated on Trump’s pro-Facebook news on Facebook. He and other supporters who see these national pages are close by Trump’s campaign platform may face numerous ads used to flood it. Facebook’s fact-checking rules do not apply to political advertising, allowing candidates to spread false or misleading claims.

“It usually stays with current events,” Mr D’Angelo said of his own page, “and it’s giving people a voice that can speak without retaliation.”

Finding a friendly face almost everywhere in the crowd, Mrs. D’Angelo complained about a rough deal Mr. Trump had made with a stranger who had a national deficit during the Obama era. When a reporter mentioned that the President was actually National widening helped to widen – Despite the trail’s promise of eliminating it in eight years – he says that Mr. Trump came to his plate with plenty of jobs.

“The thing is, he also straightens things out,” Ms. D’Angelo said in the presidential defense.

While he was talking, a message came to the Zambotron asking Trump supporters to keep in touch with their phone number in the promotion.

The campaign has aggressively pushed text signups on its digital platforms, aiming to create a direct relationship for private supporters to ask for their small donations. The tactic has long been used by political campaigns – Obama’s campaign 12 years ago Was praised for its profits Through SMS curriculum, provide special merchandise and target voters in specific areas including rally and event news.

But Teddy Gough, a former digital director for Obama’s campaign, says the Trump campaign has taken a traditional digital tactic to the president’s latest political conflict by spreading misinformation and news – largely leaving supporters angry enough to vote.

This propaganda message often warns of what might happen if a Democrat wins the 2012 election. “If radical Democratic candidates take back the country, they will ruin everything that President Trump has done,” a recent email was sent before supporters requesting money contributions.

“I think Trump’s propaganda will probably make his people feel like they are doing well that he has authenticated all their allegations.”

Ms. D’Angelo said her news diet included news sites like Twitter, Facebook and the BBC and CNN – though she later added that “I can’t turn it on” – and Fox News. Occasionally, she checks in Quinn, a conspiracy website that has a noticeable presence at Trump’s rallies to see what people are saying, but he sees it more as entertainment.

In the end, Ms. D’Angelo says she accepts bits and pieces from various websites, makes her own view of the news, but only believes it when confirmed by the president.

“I talk to the president every day, Fox every night,” said Mrs. D’Angelo. “It’s me and my husband at night. Fox arrives and we get up to speed.

After making it inside the Wildwoods Convention Center, Mrs. D’Angelo almost immediately faced a table containing Trump merchandise. With $ 5 he bought a t-shirt, bumper sticker and hat, before turning around and spending another $ 70 on his brother’s gift. Along with his American Express card, he also handed over his driver’s license, which was scanned for promotional contributions and kept in a database.

“মাঝে মাঝে তাকে খুব ক্লান্ত মনে হয় এবং আমি যাই,‘ উগ, তার দিকে তাকাও, ’’ মিসেস ডি’এঞ্জেলো বলেছিলেন। “তিনি আমাদের রক্ষা করতে এত গালাগালি করছেন। আমি জানি তিনি শক্তিশালী। আমি জানি তিনি নিতে পারেন। তবে মাঝে মাঝে লোকটির প্রশংসা করুন। সে ভুল করেছে এমন কিছুই আমি দেখতে পাচ্ছি না। “

তিনি চলে যাওয়ার সময়, মিসিগ্রেড ডি অ্যাঞ্জেলো ওয়াইল্ডউডে যে সময় এবং অর্থ ব্যয় করেছিলেন তার প্রচারণা – এবং একজন রাষ্ট্রপতি – যিনি তার সমর্থকদের সাথে সংবেদনশীলতার আবেগের স্তরের সাথে যোগাযোগ স্থাপনের দক্ষতাকে অগ্রাধিকার দিয়েছিলেন, তার সাথে তার বন্ধনকে আরও দৃifying় করে তুলেছিলেন। এবং সমাবেশের পরে, তিনি তার মার্চিং অর্ডারগুলি জানতেন।

তিনি বলেন, “তাঁকে পুনরায় নির্বাচিত করার জন্য আমাদের সবকিছু করা দরকার,” আমরা যা করতে যাচ্ছি তা হ’ল। “

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