Violin lessons are a student’s progress during coronavirus outbreak.

Violin lessons are a student's progress during coronavirus outbreak.

He realized how serious the situation was in waiting for Kevin to play his violin out loud every day when the Lunar New Year holiday of the Chongqing family was canceled in the middle of China in late January. Instead, he was at home, watching the news about the virus and getting nervous.

Kevin said the nerves went away fast. Her mother, who works at a hospital in Chengdu, the department’s supply, told her as long as everyone was aware that they would not catch the virus.

Entering boot camp with Mrs Creston in two weeks, she is feeling much better, but looking beyond. He was able to go to his apartment courtyard to play basketball, but he enjoyed swimming and water polo and board games with friends.

“I’m feeling bored!” He jumped from foot to foot and said as if there was a burning fire burning.

Although he is “still very worried about Wuhan,” Kevin said he was not concerned about his hometown. He would not even think of his mother, who recently spent a lot of time buying masks and protective clothing for the hospital. “We often joked he was the most dangerous person in our house and we should have him in the bathroom,” he joked.

Kevin’s advanced mood has a lot to do with Mrs. Creston’s daily violin lessons, she said. Not only do these two share behind-the-scenes videos, but they also don’t offer emoji messages about playing their violin.

Kevin now practices four hours a day and he says his technique has improved and his words have gotten better. Mrs Creston said she had given Kevin a Lalo concerto gift because it was a fan on the point and pathetic to others. Kevin can use it to pull off his feelings, even complicated things about death and loss.

“The virus is terrible, but the music gives us the confidence to overcome it,” said Kevin.

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