Waves Platform Sold Blockchain to Vostok – A Russian Owned Firm

Waves platform team formed a start-up, Vostok, has been granted to one of many project’s earliest investors.

In keeping with a report by, Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov “sold his stake” within the data management and smart city-oriented venture to Mark Garber of the financial consultancy GHP Group.

The Waves platform has developed blockchain options via partnering with a few of Russia’s largest private and state-owned enterprises, in addition to global corporations, for institutional, industrial, and military use.

Vostok, precisely, aligned with the Russian state-owned conglomerate Rostec in 2018 to securely manage data for the firm’s 700 industrial entities. Moreover, the startup was instrumental in road mapping the “digital economy” as a part of the “Strategic Development Objectives of the Russian Federation as much as 2024,” announced by President Vladimir Putin.

Ivanov told Gazeta: I would like to focus on the international development of the Waves Platform. The tasks of building a decentralized Internet of the brand new generation based on the blockchain (the so-called Web3), which we implement in Waves, require my 100% concentration.

Although particulars of the deal haven’t been disclosed, Garber plans to integrate Vostok’s digitalization options in GHP’s mining, manufacturing, and logistics initiatives.

Gazeta additionally reviews that Garber holds a stake within the container transporting firm Fesco and serves on the board of one other commerce logistics firm, known as TransContainer.

Vostok was formed in 2018. Its” Gorod N” mission noticed a partnership with Nizhny Novgorod area administrators to develop public voting, and public budgeting answer, which reportedly enables citizens to vote on the place tax dollars are spent.

Garber intends to keep the startup’s growth staff aboard, however, will elect a new supervisory board. As a part of their initiative to strike more massive international deals, Waves will open a Berlin office.