White supremacist groups seek reports, expanding campaign efforts

White supremacist groups seek reports, expanding campaign efforts

Data from the Anti-Manahan League shows that white supremacist propaganda is spreading throughout the country, not just on college campuses. Last year, a total of 2,7,133 cases were reported across the country, compared to 2,288 in the year 2018. The largest activity was reported in California, Texas and New York. However, every state except Hawaii has reported at least one incident.

Two-thirds of the incidents were attributed to the Texas-based Patriot Front, whose missives – like “not stolen” – are dressed in red, white and blue, and reflect the belief that their ancestors conquered America and gave it to them alone. . The Patriot Front, American Identity Movement and the New Jersey European Heritage Association accounted for about 90% of the activity, the report said.

During the late September and early October hours in Chicago, the Patriots blocked messages with Wilbur Wright College, Moody Bible Institute, and Northeastern Illinois University, for more than 4 hours, According to data from the Anti-Manahan League.

“In some ways, this is one of the primary forms of spreading hateful narratives and spreading concern in the community,” says Mr. Segal of the Anti-Manahan League. “Basically, these are violent extremist movements. That’s why we feel it’s important to document it. The partnership is very “

The F.B.I. Director, Christopher Warr, told the House Judiciary Committee last week that violent extremists encouraged by caste were now Considered a “national threat priority” The equivalent of a foreign terrorist organization like ISIS.

Mr Segal said extremist groups are doubling their public activity so that a scandal posted on an online forum can resonate with some people, he said, motivating them to post physical propaganda in their communities that spread hateful details and concerns.

“Their ideas are entering,” he said.

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